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We specialise in creating individually tailored debt management plans, consolidation loans and arranging Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs).

Debt Consolidation

A debt Consolidation loan combines your existing debts into one monthly payment. This should make your debts easier to manage. As only one monthly payment is required there is a reduced risk of missing payments which can affect your credit score.

  • Your monthly repayments can be reduced by up to 60%.
  • Your debts will be ‘all in one place’ and easier to manage.
  • Even if you only have one debt/creditor a loan may provide a cheaper alternative.


Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

If you live in England or Wales and are unable to pay your debts, you may apply for an IVA, Scottish residents must apply for a Trust Deed. IVAs and Trust Deeds are awarded to Individuals that have over £15,000 of debt and two or more creditors. If you are already subject to a Bankruptcy Order you may still apply. If the arrangement is approved, your Bankruptcy is annulled.

  • An Individual Voluntary Arrangement can write off up to 75% of your debts.
  • An IVA can freeze the interest that is being charged by all of your creditors.
  • An IVA can reduce your monthly repayments by up to 85%.
  • No more distressing fines, phone calls or mail from your creditors. The Debt Line personally manages your debts for you.


Simple Individual Voluntary Arrangement (SIVA)

Simple Individual Voluntary Arrangements or SIVAs are intended to simplify the whole IVA process. Currently an IVA can only be agreed if it is approved by creditors representing 75% of the debt amount. Under the SIVA scheme, this would be reduced to 51% for applicants who owe in excess of 25,000. In addition, a more simple IVA application process and contract will be implemented.

  • The Government is planning to introduce SIVAs by mid 2007.
  • They will offer a simple alternative to IVAs.
  • SIVAs are being created to make the IVA system more accessible to the public.


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